MORAA: Nigerian men? hmm No thank you!

MORAA: Nigerian men? hmm No thank you!

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Have you ever dated a Nigerian dude? Are you planning on dating one? Do you have any interest in these dudes? Good, because this article is meant for you.     

This issue  of many Kenyan ladies loving Nigerian men and even dying to go to Nigeria leaves me with so much agony. Correct me if u may, but they are some of the worst guys ever.

These men are well known for their sweet tongue and making a lady ‘ingia box’ very fast. They are the kind of dudes who are ever ‘single’ year in year out. Did I mention their handsome looks, great abs, dominating eyes and those sexy lips that can make a lady forget the Lord’s Prayer? Hmmm, ladies you know am right!

But behind all that lies a deadly “Fisi” who is forever ready to devour the ‘greener pastures’ around him. I mean, you might be dating or even married to the ‘single’ one just to find out he is a baba na watoto tano. Haha, that’s when you cry ‘serikali saidia’. I am not against any lady extending her eyes to any Nigerian dude but some of these guys steal someone’s heart and tamper with them.

Most of these mzeiya’s are not even romantic and trust me if you are married to one, prepare yourself, for your birth date is going to be forgotten.

Most of them have been said to be wife batterers and they don’t regret doing it! Pardon my saying this but wololo, they are rooted in taasubi za kiume where a woman’s place is in the kitchen and only exist to be heard.

And heh! Who wants to know that she has wake wenza coz these men are polygamous! And if u can stand a mother in law like mama G, then lady you are prepared! Count me out because these men do not appear in my diary.