MORAA: What’s with all these “Holes” ladies invent?!

MORAA: What’s with all these “Holes” ladies invent?!

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I am in this car lost in my own reverie and a lady passes right across us and someone in the cars snaps: “madem na haya matundu yao, manze watatumaliza. Sasa huyu anakaa kama ngo’mbe yenye inaenda kulima shamba.

This brings me back to my senses and I see  this lady trying so hard to balance on 6 inch stilettos with a large awkward earring hanging from her nose.

The conversation doesn’t die but instead the dude continues criticizing sharply: “juzi pia nimekutana na mwingine na waaaa, dem anakaa kama iblis!”

“Madem, mara tundu hapa, mara tundu pale, kwani Jehovaa aliwapatia clay soil to spoil that way, upuz!”

The tundu in the tongue was invented and we forgave you ladies, then you went for your navel and began to  wear your little sister’s tops; which we also forgave you.

Then you felt that was not enough and you started “digging” your eyes so when you walk it’s like you don’t see the road, as the rings around your eyes block your vision completely.

Help me understand ladies, where  is the beauty in that?

There is this recent update I got that it has been transferred even to the dudu’s. sasa ladies let’s just be serious for once! Huku chini unadungia nani.? Kwanini?

Seriously, the world is no longer spherical according to the form one long boring Geography lessons, waaah! I think it’s a trapezium, where the calculations were so disgusting and you could get the right answer by just cooking through the non- understandable formula that were only meant for the teacher’s favourites!