County to concentrate on the environment in the next financial year

Mombasa Governor Abdullswamad Sheriff Nassir./COURTESY

MOMBASA: The coming financial year will be a year of order and discipline in the county.

This is according to Mombasa Governor Abdullswamad Sheriff Nassir.

Speaking in Mombasa on Saturday, Governor Swamad said “That order and discipline will be from our roads in terms of construction, level of cleanliness, and even those sleeping by the roadsides.”

The County Boss highlighted that the coming financial year will be to improve Mombasa’s environment.

“The first financial year was to uplift the community, and in the second we identified how to do that. This coming one will be to ensure our environment changes. It will also be the year when Mombasa residents get back and are issued title deeds,” said the Governor.

His sentiments came after several complaints about the increase of street families and those sleeping by the roadsides.

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The governor took the reins in 2022 with the closure of illegal dumping sites, that were plaguing the county, being among the first orders of business.