Drama as Mombasa MP exchanges blows with local youth


There was drama in a local area in Mombasa after the area Member of Parliament was involved in physical altercations with a group of youth.

In the Sunday evening confrontation, the MP known for being a person of few words, got into a verbal confrontation and a physical altercation right in front of bewildered residents.

The incident took place just moments after the Maghrib Adhan, signaling the break of fast.

According to the youth and other area residents who witnessed the fight, it all started when the said legislature was going around the estate after breaking the fast with area residents.

“We were just sitting here, minding our business when the ‘mheshimiwa‘ came. Some of us managed to talk to him because he is our leader and as the youth, we have several grievances that need to be addressed,” said one of the youths.

“He only got mad because some youth did not acknowledge his presence when he was going around the estate. We have no business with him, he has not stepped a foot into this area since he was elected, so why come now? We do not need him, we have our CEC. We do not have to all love him,” lamented another.

The altercation ensued after, according to witnesses supporting the MP, one of the youths insulted the lawmaker, allegations the youth claimed to be false.

“As a leader, he should listen to everyone, whether it is positive or negative feedback. He is here to serve us all, not just those supporting him,” said an angry youth.

“He got mad saying he was insulted, nobody insulted him. Even if that were the case, he is not the first one. President Ruto faces insults every day, former President Uhuru got insulted every day but they did not act like he did today,” said a resident.

In the melee, one person had his finger bitten off.