Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zone ready for investors


Investors can now start applying to be admitted to the Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zone.

Speaking at the Kenya Port Authority (KPA) headquarters in Mombasa after the Dongo Kundu National Steering Committee meeting, Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry (MITI) Principal Secretary Abubakar Hassan said the Dongo Kundu SEZ was ready for investors.

“The President had directed we operationalize the Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zone quickly to facilitate investor entry so that the people of Kenya, Mombasa can derive the economic benefit of the zone. We have assessed and we think we are good,” said PS Abubakar.

The PS in the State Department for Investment Promotion says Taifa Gas and three other investors have already been admitted and are in the process of setting up.

“There had been some issues with the Project Affected Persons (PAPs), I think the queries that were raised before have now been resolved and in the next one to two months the PAPs issue will be no more and investors are encouraged to apply to get admitted in the zone,” said Abubakar.

The investors will be screened to set up in the SEZ.

Meanwhile, the Dongo Kundu bypass connecting to the airport will be ready by May.

For the one connecting to the hinterland and the access road to the port berth, the PS says the contractor will start work around July – August 2024.