Mombasa port will not be privatized-Pamoja Alliance Party says


Reports that government plans to privatize the port of Mombasa are false.

That’s according to Pamoja African Alliance party secretary General Mr.Lucas Maitha.

Speaking on Baraka FM’s Morning show MegaBreakfast on Monday, Mr. Maitha blamed miscommunication as the cause.

He said information they are privy to doesn’t indicate privatization plans.

“It has been a problem of communication gap, we have MD and chairman of the board who should speak out more”, he said.

Acording to Mr. Maitha, the only way to allay fears for coast residents is for the Kenya Ports Authority Management to engage locals in public participation.

He further said the PAA party will soon conduct a registration drive to show up its numbers.

“We did well in last general elections. We are predicting to do even better in coming elections especially after recruitment of new party members in 2024’, he added.

Speaker of the senate Hon. Jefwa Kingi is the PAA’s party leader.