Speaker Wetang’ula calls for government, opposition truce

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang'ula./COURTESY

Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetang’ula has asked the opposition to halt countrywide demonstrations and give dialogue a chance.

Speaking in Mombasa, Wetan’gula said there is a need for the opposition and government to engage in a structured dialogue, pointing out that the demos witnessed in the country greatly affect the comfort of doing business and potential investment in the country.

The speaker said that if the two factions explore talks in a structured manner it will iron out fundamental challenges in the country leading to a potential truce.

Last week the two disputing factions had agreed to involve former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo to mediate talks to find amicable solutions to peace.

The Speaker urged Kenyans to embrace peace and tranquillity by remaining each other’s keeper. 

“Rome was not built in a day but the Romans were there to build it. We will only resolve the problems facing our country through honest talks with patriotism and putting the interest of this country at heart because we as Kenyans, can only build our country through peace, love, hard work and fidelity to our constitution,” said Speaker Wetang’ula.

Wetang’ula was speaking during the re-launch of Sapphire Hotel.

“Renewing the hotel added positive development on employment and the beauty of Mombasa, this kind of investment will leave an indelible mark in human development,” said Speaker Wetang’ula.    

Hotel and hospitality were among the worst-hit sectors during the upsurge of COVID-19, in 2020 leading to the closure of many establishments while a nominal number of hotels remained operational.