Mombasa Markiti traders call on the county to reduce taxes

Traders in the market./COURTESY


Mombasa County traders are now urging the County government to reduce taxes paid by traders to the county.

Speaking to Baraka FM, the traders working at Mackinnon Market popularly known as Markiti said the current economic situation has affected their businesses.

“The price of various products in the market has really gone up meaning that we are also selling at higher prices than before which translates to fewer people buying,” said Abdulkadir Jeylan Murithi.

“Products such as potatoes used to be available for sh.3,500 a sack before now it is sh.7200. Sugar a kilo was sh.150 and now it is sh.200 thus leading products like achari to double the price,” he added.

A stall at Markiti Market./FAITH BALTAZAR

The traders say that the high cost of prices has also resulted in waste as most of their stock ends up going bad due to lack of purchase.

“The truth is that traders in Markiti are only getting money enough for pocket change and maybe paying the rent. We are also facing the challenge of goods going bad. As you know, most of the goods sold here in Markiti are perishables. We are not selling,” said Omar Abbass.

A spices stand at Markiti market./FAITH BALTAZAR