Mombasa property owners have until end of March to pay land rates

Mombasa Lands, Housing and Urban Planning CEC Mohamed Hussein (Amadoh). The CEC said all land owners to pay their land rates by end of March failure to which they will face a 3 percent penalty of rates due./COURTESY

Property owners in Mombasa County have until end of March to pay their land rates.

Mombasa County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Lands, Housing and Urban Renewal Department Mohamed Hussein says those who fail to do so within the given period will face a penalty.

Speaking at the County offices on Friday, the Lands CEC said all property owners should comply with their legal obligations and pay their land rates.

“According to the law, annual rates should be paid by the first day of January, however, we have extended the grace period to enable those who have not yet paid their dues to do so before 31st March. Failure to adhere to the deadline, a penalty of three percent of land rates due will accrue monthly,” said CEC Mohamed Hussein.

“We appeal to all land owners in Mombasa to avoid enforcement of further penalties,” he added.

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The CEC, popularly known as Amadoh said land rates are part of the county’s own source revenue streams that would enable the financing of development projects and payment of services.

“It is important to note that over the last four months, Mombasa County has not received the statutory revenue allocation by the national government, that supports in service delivery to the people of Mombasa,” he said.

“Revenue collection is a critical aspect of the development of this county. Devolution has provided us the opportunity to generate our own revenue to fund our development,” he added.