Pregnant woman in Mombasa gives birth in the Toilet

Image of a newborn photo: Google

A pregnant woman in Mombasa County gave birth in the latrine on Thursday before the infant fell inside the pit.

According to reports, the woman who was due to deliver at Likoni Sub-County hospital, had gone for a short call at the hospital latrines when she overwhelmed by labour pains.

Mombasa County Fire head, Ibrahiw Basafar who spoke to Baraka FM said they rescued the newborn immediately they arrived at the scene.

He said their officers made an opening on the side walls of the latrine before pulling the infant out alive.

“We arrived immediately and made a side opening and luckily rescued the infant before handing him to medics”, he said.

He said their quick response saved the life of the newborn.

“Had we delayed, the toxic fumes in the latrine would have caused death to the infant. We took two minutes to arrive at the scene”. he added.