Youth Initiative program targets Kilifi Youths to get them involved in governance issues


Safe Community Youth Initiative is planning to strengthen youth organizations in Kilifi County.

Through the ‘Strengthening Grassroots Youth CSOs to Meaningfully Engage in Governance Processes in Kilifi County’, the Initiative seeks to enhance knowledge in 1886 citizens on policies and laws.

The six-month training program will engage youth through media talk shows, public participation forums, social media platforms, etc as a means of empowering youth Civil Society Organizations.

Speaking during the launch of the program, Ali Mangale, Safe Community Youth Initiative Project Manager said “this is a very good project that will give the youth an opportunity to be involved in governance issues.”

The project, being funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), also seeks to enhance public participation in county planning, budgeting, and county development.

Youth groups attend the launch of the project

It also seeks to strengthen the accountability of county departments.

Joel Deche, the Kilifi County Public Participation and Civic Education Officer, emphasized the importance of safeguarding public interests and ensuring speedy access to information.

“Initiative is an important step towards creating a more inclusive and participatory community. By providing citizens with information on existing policies and laws, the initiative will empower them to be more involved in decision-making processes and hold their leaders accountable,” said Deche.