I died and came back to life, says Swagga Don

Swagga Don during an interview at Baraka FM's The Lane 327 with Kiongozi Lucas DeMackinon and Madam Kiongozi Katiwa Maneno./BARAKA FM

Musician Swagga Don says he once died and came back to life.

Speaking to Kiongozi Lucas Mwangemi and Madam Kiongozi Katiwa Maneno on Baraka FM’s The Lane 327 show, the Alay Alay singer said on the 9th of June 2019, he died and came back to life.

“What happened is all my organs broke down… 95 percent of them… I had a heart attack, I had water filled lungs, my bladder, kidney and liver, all broke down,” said Swagga Don.

“I had only two minutes to completely go but I had already reached out in the cosmos and then a voice came and spoke to me and said ‘you will be okay, you will be alright now’,” he added.

The masked singer also known as the ‘Afrikan Avatar’ said the voice was neither male nor female, but a combination of the two.

“The voice said ‘I am gonna send you back’ and I was just told that ‘you are going back as the Afrikan Avatar’, and then I felt a sweet breath come back into my mouth because my breath had already left my body. It was just my heart that was still beating,” explained Swagga Don.

The singer who hails from the Caribbean had been rushed to the hospital after losing consciousness.

“I saw my spirit come back through my right hand, blue illuminous light and then I was in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for about six weeks and then I spent another four weeks hospitalized, bedridden,” he said.

Swagga Don at Baraka FM studios./BARAKA FM

He explained that doctors told him he would not walk for about six months, that is if at all he would walk again, but then he walked in ten days. He also says that while at the hospital is when he learnt he was only born with one kidney.

“My kidney, which they were deciding whether to give me dialysis or transplant after a four weeks warning, the kidney specialist told me my kidney was back functioning not only at 100 percent but 110 percent. So my one kidney started to behave as two kidneys and I never had to do dialysis,” said the Afrikan Avatar.

After rubbing shoulders with death and getting a new lease of life, Swagga Don said he now celebrates his birthday by giving to the poor and orphanages.

“This year I will be four years old. Because I came back, every year is a new year for me,” he said.

Being sent back as the Afrikan Avatar, Swagga Don said he was using his music in his mission to unite Africa.

“An avatar is a special embodiment of an ancestral being sent back with a particular message, with a particular role to play,” he explained.

His music blends different genres including afrobeats and reggae.

“We are now reconnecting and as you can see African music has started taking over the world, you know the soul of music came from Africa,” he said.

His other songs are Afrikan Township and Beautiful Abuja.