Mombasa boda-boda rider wins ticket to Qatar World Cup

William Maore who will be watching the 2022 World Cup in Qatar./Timothy Lawrence


Football fan William Maore is heading to Qatar to watch the 2022 World Cup Live.

Maore who hails from Bamburi, was handed his air ticket by Coca-Cola.

Speaking to the press after the event, an elated Maore said watching the World Cup live has been his dream.

Maore, a boda-boda rider, becomes the fourth ticket winner to be unveiled by Coca-Cola under following a successful promotion.

Barry Otieno from Coca-Cola said Maore emerged the winner through a random selection process.

Besides the ticket, he was awarded a soccer ball, a cap and one carton soda of Coca-Cola.

Barry encouraged others to continue participating in the promotion and luckily end up winners just as William Maore.