Top 20 performers in KCPE 2021, coast region

Amanya Lisa Adhiambo. She is Coast region's top girl in the 2021 KCPE with 420 marks./COURTESY

Amanya Lisa Adhiambo, 15, is Coast region’s top girl in the 2021 KCPE examination with 420 marks.

Lisa was a pupil at Amani Primary school in Mikindani Mombasa county.

The 15year old says she has dreams of becoming an aeronautical engineer.

However, she is worried she may not be able to fulfill her dream due to lack of school fees.

“I am happy she performed well but I don’t want to kill her dream,” Lisa’s mother Diana Akinyi said.

She says she cannot afford to pay for her school fees.

Nationally, Magata Bruce Mckenzie of GilGil hills Academy, Nakuru emerged the top student scoring 428 marks out of the possible 500.

Magata says he hopes to join Alliance High school and later in the future pursue robotics engineering.

Below is a list of top 20 performers in the Coast.

Joshua Safari Ziro who scored 421 marks in the 2021 KCPE being carried by teachers and parents at Busy Bee School in Mombasa./COURTESY

1. Joshua Safari Ziro (421) Busy Bee School

2. Amani Wairi George (420) Nyali Primary School

3. Amanya Lisa Adhiambo (420) Amani Primary School

4. Kelly Baraka (420) Almona Academy Malindi

5. Mwandoe Mkoli Rebecca (419) Teman Juniour School Kiembeni

6. Ashley Said (416) Karama Academy Msambweni

7. William Kibet (416) Bethany Academy

8. Amina Sakina (415) Modern Green Hills Academy Samburu, Kwale

9. Lorna Mudzihana (414)-Bethany Academy

10. Constance Mumbua Kalula (413) Masimbani Primary School

11. Menza Ivy Zawadi (412) Mwatate Juniour Academy.

12. Bukheit Mohamed Mwenyekombo (412) Ocean of Wonders Kilifi

13. Hassan Yusuf Ahmed (412) Fairfield Academy Mombasa

14. Gloria Chizi (412) Methodist Academy Kwale

15. Mohammed Hussein (412) Memon Academy Mombasa

16. Habiba Mwanarusi N’sura (411) Ganjoni Primary School, Mombasa

17. Mwagao Yusuf Omar (411) Masimbani Primary Kwale

18. Patrick Mbatia Bundi (411) Masimbani Primary School, Kwale

19. David Denzel (411) Bethany Academy, Kwale

20. Ashraf Ali Mohammed (411) Swafaa Academy Lamu