Gov’t allows duty-free import of dates for Ramadhan

A picture of dates. The government is allowing duty-free importation of dates for the Ramadhan period./COURTESY

Businesses importing dates will be allowed to do so freely from 1st April to 20th May

According to a statement from the National Treasury, the government will facilitate the importation of dates for the Ramadhan period.

The Ramadhan period will be observed from 12th April to 13th May when Muslims will observe a fast for the Holy month.

During this period, the Muslims are expected to break their fast at sundown each evening by consuming dates prior to any other foods.

“In the past few years, the Government, as a gesture of manifesting goodwill to our Muslim brothers, has allowed the duty-free importation of dates for use by the Muslims or paid the relevant taxes in the absence of legal provisions for waivers,” read the statement.