KNUT wants pregnant students back in school


Kenya National Union of teachers wants all students including girls who were impregnated during the COVID 19 pandemic back in school when learning resume.

In a media briefing in Nairobi, Sossion said that all children must be back to school without discrimination in a bid to give them a leeway to continue with their studies, despite the challenges they underwent during the COVID 19 pandemic including pregnancies.

He urged teachers to put mechanisms including mapping of all children who are back in school and give them intensive Pyscho social support during the post-COVID 19 pandemic.

“We need our children in our schools. Even girls who are pregnant, encourage them to come back to school, even if they need, nutrition, medicine, we will provide it, let us learn to appreciate them .”Sossion said

He further urged teachers to put mechanisms to ensure that COVID 19 disease is tamed among teachers and school-going children.

KNUT urged teachers together with security agencies to follow up people who might have masterminded the molestation of children during the COVID 19 season pointing that such culprits must be brought to book.

According to gender-based violence report, 1049 children were molested while  77  were impregnated while 17 were infected with HIV.

“When you hear 1049 of children who have been molested,

psychosocial support must be done in school and  back home, if a problem originates from home, you can deal with the parent.”Sossion said