Malindi Tourism players set post COVID-19 strategies to boost sector


Tourism investors in Malindi have set up Post COVID -19 pandemic strategies to attract local tourists after reopening their resorts early this month.

The move is aimed at assuring tourists both locals that the destination is safe and convenient for holidays while observing the COVID 19 Protocols.

Among the strategies include setting up special offers and packages that are affordable to local tourists and events that attract tourists of all kinds both locals and international guests who are in the country.

On Sunday Lamalindina hotel and restaurant in Malindi organized the first post-COVID beach ware Fashion show which brought a designer from Nairobi to showcase her unique beach ware products made from Kitenge.

The fashion show which is the first to be held since the hotels were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic was organized by Mrembo africa collection from Nairobi and Lamalindina resort.Due to the curfew, the event was held in broad daylight, unlike pre COVID shows which used to be held at night.

It attracted tourists both local and foreigners who live in Malindi who came to witness the diverse designs made from Kitenge material which brought back life in the once vibrant town that had been negatively affected by the pandemic.

Jane Wangare the Manager of Lamalindina hotel said their vision is to collaborate with Kenyans who are talented to showcase diverse products that can as well attract people to see different designs made locally.

”We sat down with the management and wondered why not organize a show to make Malindi live after people stayed indoors for almost six months due to the pandemic,” she said.She said the idea is to give a chance to people to go out have fun and enjoy while at the resort.

For now, she said they are encouraging Kenyans to go on holiday since the International market is yet to pick after the skies were opened on August 1.

Phillip Matara a tour operator in Malindi said COVID pandemic highly affected the tourism sector in Malindi urged Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi to reduce rates for hotels so as to enable them to start up again.

Majid Swaleh the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kilifi county chairman said tourism was affected but they have hope that business would be back to normal after some time.

Currently, over 40 percent of the resorts have opened and others are in the process of opening up.