Several injured in stampede after MV Kwale hits MV Safari causing it to stall mid-ocean

Redcross officials treat some of the injured ferry users PHOTO COURTESY

Several commuters at the Likoni ferry crossing channel are nursing injuries following stampede caused by delays and panic over a stalled ferry.

Chaos began after the new ferry, MV Safari broke down and stalled in the middle of the ocean causing huge delays.

According to the Kenya Ferry Services Managing director, Bakari Gowa, the problem started after yet another ferry MV Kwale, rammed into MV Safari which had docked to allow passengers to alight creating a hole near the engine.

“MV Kwale while on the ramp hit MV Safari causing a hole which allowed water to enter MV Safari’s engine and the ferry stalled mid-voyage,” Gowa said.

Commuters who were waiting on the Island side waiting bay then ran out of patience and pushed past the security gates in an effort to board another ferry.

Two KPA tag boats had to be dispatched to pull the ferry to dryland.

Currently, three ferries are serving at the busy crossing channel after MV Safari was withdrawn from service.

MV Jambo and MV Harambee were earlier in the year withdrawn from the channel for servicing.