Concern as sneaky Kenyans give out fake contact details during COVID-19 tests

A health worker taking a sample for COVID-19 test./FILE

As the government continues to carry out targeted COVID-19 testing, the Ministry of Health has raised concerns over a number of people giving out fake contact information when they present themselves to be tested.

While giving the daily briefings on the status of COVID-19 in the country, Health Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Rashid Aman said that some people are not being honest when providing their contact details to the health workers thus weakening the government’s efforts in combating the disease.

“We have noticed a disturbing trend of individuals who provide wrong contacts and telephone numbers during testing. Once the results are out such individuals then become unavailable. This is serious. Considering that some of them have tested positive and need to be contained together with their contacts, we are unable to trace them,” said CAS Rashid Aman.

The CAS appealed to everyone going for testing to provide accurate contact information so that necessary treatments and interventions can be provided.

“I also want to commend those that have presented themselves, and we have seen that more and more Kenyans are now coming out on their own to present themselves for testing. The more we do this, the more we understand the level of transmission of this virus within our communities, and the better equipped we are in targeting our interventions in those areas of highest risk,” said CAS Aman.

So far the mass testing is going on in targeted areas in the counties of Mombasa and Nairobi, where most of the cases have been reported.