Mentally ill patients rescued from Mombasa streets as COVID-19 cases surge

Persons at a mental hopspital..The government has been urged to set up a mental health centre in Kilifi County to cater to people suffering from the ailment./PHOTO COURTESY

Over 30 people with mental illness in Mombasa County have been rescued to a safe place.

The chairperson of women empowerment network Amina Abdalla said that they intend to ensure all people with mental illness in Mombasa are taken care of.

Abdalla said that last week they rescued 15 people with mental illness and took them for the Coronavirus test.

“Last week we tested 15 people with mental illness but we are happy to report that all turned negative,” said Abdalla.

On Monday another 15 people with mental health were rescued in Mombasa and taken to the rescue center.

Abdalla said that they have a center at Mombasa technical training institute with a capacity to accommodate 120 people.

She said that the project was started six months ago before the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We ensure that all people with mental illnesses are taken care of and we experienced high Coronavirus cases in Mombasa,” said Amina.

She has called upon other well-wishers to help the organization in achieving it’s mandated.

She said that they have been going on with operations every 48 hours.
“We also have to ensure that all people we rescue are provided with medication and food,” she said.

Before anyone is taken from the streets he or she will be examined to determine if he has a mental illness.

Abdalla further revealed that they don’t rescue street children at the moment but called upon the government to help them with shelter during this period of Coronavirus pandemic.

Mombasa County is among the counties leading with Coronavirus in the Country.

On Monday more than five people in Mombasa tested positive bringing to a total of 912 positive cases in the Country.