Why its easier to get an Indian woman’s phone number

A beautiful Indian woman.Research now shows its easier to get an Indian woman's number than that of a Kenyan PHOTO COURTESY

Have you tried getting a woman’s number and ended up with one of the numbers in an advertisement posted on an electricity pole?

Researchers now have the answer as to why you ended up with that number as it is easier for you to get a phone number from an Indian or Egyptian woman than a Kenyan woman.

The research conducted by caller identifier and blocker app, Truecaller, in five countries ie India, Colombia, Kenya, Egypt, and Brazil, shows that Kenyan women are least likely to share their phone numbers in comparison from their counterparts in the four other countries.

The research shows that only 35 percent of Kenyan women share their phone numbers with other people, compared to 97 percent of Brazilian women and 72% Egyptian women. 64 percent of Indian women and 56 percent of Colombian women also said they share their phone numbers with others.

It shows that Kenyan women share their numbers when filling in a visitor’s book, while shopping, others while entering a contest and others only share their number while accepting deliveries.

So unless you are a delivery person, work at the front desk of office buildings is a receptionist at a hotel or maybe have a contest that might interest women, good luck getting their number.