Parliament summons DPP, DCI over failed KPA MD’s graft case

DPP Noording Haji (left) and DCI George Kinoti (Right)./COURTESY

Senate Justice and Legal Affairs Committee has summoned Director of Criminal Investigations and Director of Public Prosecution over the infighting of the two institutions concerning the Kenya Ports Authority Managing Director, Daniel Manduku’s case.

Addressing the media at parliament buildings, the Committee Chairman Samson Cherargei said that they have summoned DCI boss George Kinoti and the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji to appear before the committee to explain why there is infighting between the two institutions, on the case involving the Kenya ports authority MD Daniel Manduku.

“This is not good for the country, the infighting became clear during the Manduku issue,” Cherargei said

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Managing Director Daniel Manduku was arrested on Monday in Nairobi and whisked to DCI headquarters for questioning and arraigned in court on Tuesday.

Trouble started on Tuesday, when High Court ordered Manduku’s release after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) failed to produce a charge sheet thus leading to complaints from the DCI.

Cherargei said that the committee will also seek to be updated on the progress of the corruption related cases which has seen high level arrests made by the DCI.

“They must give us the status of cases they have addressed, and dragged for long,” Cherargei said.

He said that his committee is concerned over the stalling of many corruption cases despite the fact that there are massive arrests being witnessed.

However, Haji downplayed claims of fallout with the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti.

Haji termed the claims as illusions, saying their two offices are committed to the pursuit of justice.

Media reports had said the DCI was being frustrated by what he claimed was failure of Haji’s office to charge suspects.