Mandera leaders renew calls to have warring Somalia forces expelled

Jubbaland forces driving in Mandera on Thursday.Leaders from Mandera have called on the governement to expell the forces whose infighting has spilled over to Mandera from Somalia PHOTO COURTESY

Elected leaders from Mandera County now want the National Government to intervene and expel warring Somalia forces whose infighting has crossed over to the border county.

The leaders in a press statement in Nairobi led by Mandera governor Ali Roba , said that heavy presence of forces from the Regional Government of Jubaland and the Federal Government of Somalia in Mandera has increased tension among residents.

 “We request the government to diffuse this tension and reassure the public of their safety and security. So far the situation taking shape in Mandera County is that of eroded public trust in their own government as a result of neglect.”Roba said

“This is a case of Misplaced priority and putting the interest of an external region over and above that of its own citizens.” The leaders said.”He added

The fallout between the Regional Government of Jubaland and the Federal Government of Somalia has seen the Federal Government take over the administrative and security control of the Border towns of Beled Hawo and Dolo.

This action has led to the complete displacement of the Jubaland administration and its security forces who then crossed over into Kenyan’s territory.

On Monday the 2nd of March, the two forces attacked each other with unknown casualties on both sides but left 12 people injured in Mandera town due to stray bullets with one succumbing to injuries sustained.

The leaders said that the situation is extremely worrying for the population indicating that they are disappointed with the Kenya government for failing to take action against the attacks along the border.

They said that at least 11 people in the county have been affected by the infighting of the two factions.

The team appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to help contain the situation urgently to guarantee the safety and security of the population.

They further  requested Cabinet Secretary for Devolution Hon Eugene Wamalwa to help with humanitarian Intervention for the hundreds of displaced persons in Mandera Town.