Elderly people want government to list them as marginalized

Social Security and Services permanent Secretary Susan Mochache handing over money from the Cash transfer programme to an elderly woman accompanied by Murang'a women representative Sabina Chege and Ahadi Kenya CEO Stanley Kamau. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Elderly people now want the government and the society to push for their recognition as a marginalized group.

In an exclusive interview with Baraka FM, former transitional authority chair who is also the elderly ambassador  Kinuthia Wa Mwangi said that there is a need for the elderly to be deemed as a marginalized group following arguing that they are cut out in many services offered by the government.

“We also need to be  deemed as, marginalized  group, women, youths, and  disabled are the ones previewed  as marginalized, but even the aged should be categorized in this, so that whenever there are opportunities like tenders we are considered.”Wa Mwangi said

They also want discrimination against the elderly to be addressed in society after it emerged that many elderly people are undergoing turbulent situations in society.

“We don’t want discrimination most of  the time we are being viewed as hopeless people .”He said

Wa Mwangi pointed out that the Kit that is meant for the elderly which emanated from the ministry of labor doesn’t capture all people.

Labor Cabinet secretary Ukur Yattan while handing over to the then water CS  Samson Chelugui, Yattan said that the ministry is capable of paying cash transfers to only 1.3 million Kenyans out of Five million Kenyans in need of the funds indicating that such scenario is due to lack of resources.

Also, In September, last year the government released sh. 8,737,560,000 billion for the payment of Inua Jamii  cash programs funds was paid to 1,092,195 beneficiaries including  294,581 orphans and vulnerable children,763,638 older persons and 33,976 persons with severe disability

Wa Mwangi also applauded the BBI input which requires the formation of a council of elders which will ultimately advise the president on matters of mutual benefit to the society.

” We are happy with the BBI initiative, that council of elders to be part of the president to have the council of elders to be part of  his advisors, the government should create the national elders’ council.”Wa Mwangi said

They want budget allocations to be aligned to elderly development and moved from social development so that when the government executes the budget it will vividly help the elderly and the group be deemed as government ‘s special entity.

He complained that the elderly people are undergoing through harrowing situations whereby they are being abused, abandoned by their children leaving the responsibility of taking care of them solely to the government.