Wedding bells: Meet the pilot set to marry Wema Sepetu

Danzak hanging out with Wema and her friends PHOTO COURTESY

2019 may go down as the year when popular East African celebrities ditched dating celebrities and got hitched to career men.

After Ugandan songstress Rema Namakula dumped her baby Daddy Eddy Kenzo to tie the knot with Hamza Ssebunya who is a medical doctor,Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu whose love affairs have always have always ended up in controversy will soon be joining the bandwagon.

Wema Sepetu is set to tie the knot with Tanzanian pilot cum singer Ham­dan Zakwani aka Danzak.

Wema Sepetu unveils new fiancé days after mother-ex drama

According to Tanzanian Publication Global Publishers, Danzak who has been working as a pilot in the UAE is preparing himself to  go pay dowry to Wema’s parents.

“Nilikuwa nikirushwa sana kwenye kutoa barua na hata mahari maana alikuwa kama hajanielewa kabisa, lakini sasa ninamshukuru Mungu nimekubaliwa na ninaamini mambo yataenda vizuri na mwisho wa siku watu waliokuwa hawapendi kuona jambo hili watabaki midomo wazi maana kwa kweli nimehangaika nalo kwa muda mrefu sasa.(Wema was really playing and cat and mouse games with me whenever I would send her love letters or express my intention to marry her because she had not understood that my intentions to her was not to hurt her. But am thankful that she has accepted me am confident that everything will be okay and everyone will be surprised because I have really tried before I could fully convince her)”Danzak told the paper.

Earlier the year, Danzak who had just returned to Tanzania from Oman said he was completely smitten with Wema and he had sent emissaries to her parents to express his interest.

The two have been spotted hanging out together severally and Wema is one of the celebrities who showed up to hang out with Danzak’s fans at the Luxe Yole lounge late last month.

This might be a relief for Wema whose past relationships have either ended up bitterly or ended up in controversy.

Last year, Wema was banned from the Tanzanian film industry for a few months after she posted steamy photos of herself kissing with a new man.

Wema Sepetu in trouble over links to gay people

A few months earlier drama had ensued at her house after her mother kicked out yet another of her boyfriends identified as Lawrence Masaja aka Rahur.

In 2017, her mother again stormed her house and kicked out her friends who identified with the gay community.

Wema has dated stars like late Tanzanian film star Steven Kanumba ,singer Diamond Platnumz and comedian Idris Sultan.