Likoni Ferry victim snubbed family before plunging into ocean

The vehicle belonging to John Mutinda a few minutes after it was retrieved PHOTO COURTESY

The man whose car plunged in the Indian Ocean on Saturday morning did not speak to anyone as he left his home at 4:00 am.

The body of John Mutinda was retrieved four hours later after it was reported that his car had plunged into the ocean at the mainland side.

According to his wife Ruth Mutinda, the husband worked as a clearing and forwarding agent in Mombasa and on Saturday morning she was informed by her house help that her husband had left with the keys to his vehicle.

She claimed that efforts to  find out where her husband was going were fruitless since he sped-off after opening the gate.

Kenya Ferry Services managing director Bakari Gowa has said that the multi-agency team composed of Kenya navy, Kenya police retrieved the body in about an hour.

A report by the agency indicates that the vehicle plunged in the Indian Ocean at about 4:20 am and retrieved at 8:20 am while the vehicle was retrieved at noon.

Gowa confirmed that the car was 6 meters deep, and the body remained in the car and divers were forced to break its window .

According to the press release by the Kenya Ferry Services, Mutinda drove his car registration number KBX 475B Toyota Allion maroon in color to the mainland ramp past the police check and failed to pay toll charges of sh.120.

“The ferry staff approached the vehicle, it drove past the pavement on the opposite side of the road overlapping other vehicles which were parked on the waiting bay and as the ramp controller stopped the vehicle, the motorist defied the order, sped-off and plunged in to the Indian Ocean.”read the statement.

The wife to the deceased arrived at the scene few minutes past 8:00 am and the was body retrieved as she was recording a statement at the Kenya ferry police station on the Island side.

Gowa has also said that only one ferry was operating at the time of the incident and it was picking passenger at the island side.

The family identified the body of their kin and conducted a small prayer service at the Jocham funeral home.

 “We slept well yesterday and only to wake up with bad news that Mutinda is no more, Kenya ferry has assured us their support during these difficult moments and lets ignore rumors circulating on social media” said Benedict Kieti, the family spokesperson.

He dismissed allegations that the deceased was drunk at the time of incident.

He has left behind three sons; twins and the eldest one who has just completed form four.