Mombasa Archbishop calls on faithfuls to give donations for flood victims

Mombasa archbishop Martin Kivuva during a past media briefing PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: Mombasa Diocese Archbishop Martin Kivuva has called on faithfuls from all religions to give donations in order to assist flood victims.

Speaking in Nairobi during the second Religious Leaders Convocation, Archbishop Kivuva appealed to families and neighbours to help each other to recover from the disaster.

“We ask members of the faith to collect food items, clothes and non-food items and take them to their places of worship, and we as the leaders, let us prepare ways of receiving these donations, be accountable for them and deliver them to those who have been affected by the floods,” said the Archbishop.

As much as he commended the government on its efforts to and interventions to rescue affected individuals and families, the Archbishop blamed it for not taking seriously the importance of effective Disaster Preparedness and Management.

“It is a great rebuke on the governments that despite clear warnings about the coming heavy rains, viable mitigation measures were not met,” he said.

“We indeed foresee that a time is coming when Kenyans will rightfully demand compensation from the government for destruction that arises from mitigatable disaster,” he added.

The latest report by the Government Spokesperson, Cyrus Oguna, reveals that so far 132 people have died with a number of people still missing. Approximately 330,000 people have been affected by the rains with 17,000 already displaced.

“We are deeply saddened and concerned by the high number of deaths, injuries and destruction of property due to the ongoing heavy rains. We continue to pray for comfort and consolation of the bereaved families, and for those affected that God will grant them quick recovery,” said archbishop Kivuva.