Bachelor creates exclusive dating site where he is the only man allowed

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Are you having a hard time getting the attention of potential partners? Has your partner left you for a person he/she deems much better, well then you might have to borrow a leaf from 32 year old Aaron Smith.

The tech support worker was so frustrated by modern dating sites that he decided to create a dating site where he is the only man allowed.

The dating app named Singularity saves women the hustle of having to swipe left or right in the quest for a potential partner by just matching with the 32 year old.

“By utilizing the latest in personality analysis and machine learning technology, Singularity saves you countless hours of swiping by just matching you with me,” Smith says in a YouTube promotional ad for the app.

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The dating app has 10 different profiles of him that all talk about his different likes and hobbies.

However, despite the site having been operational for the past few months or so, Aaron  has not yet gone out on a date with any potential suitor.

Though the app is not yet available on app stores, women interested in dating him can create a profile on his website.

The rise of dating apps such as Tinder has been attributed to technological advancements.

However, the free apps such as Tinder have been attributed to the increase of more one night stands rather than actual relationships.