Speakers Muturi and Lusaka drive last nail for Punguza mizigo bill

Thirdway alliance party leader Ekuru Auokot during a past briefing with journalists . PHOTO: COURTESY.

Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza mizigo bill has officially hit a dead end after both Senate and National assembly speakers Kenneth Lusaka and Justin Muturi published a gazette notice declaring the bill officially rejected.

According to the notice published on Friday, the bill was rejected in 22 counties among them Kwale, Kilifi and Tana River counties while another 22 among them Mombasa, Lamu and Garissa counties did not deliver the bill and its certificate to parliament.

Only Turkana, Uasin Ngishu and and Machakos counties approved the bill.

“It is further notified that as set out in the Schedule, three County Assemblies approved the draft Bill and that consequently the threshold required under Article 257 (7) of the Constitution for introduction of the Bill in Parliament has not been met.” The notice read.

The Punguza Mizigo campaign bill proposed to amend article 247 of the 2010 constitution to ease taxpayers the burden of running the government through several measures.

The bill proposed to have costs of running the parliament reduced from sh 36.8 billion per year to sh 5 billion per year with a reduction of the number of members of national assembly from 416 to 147.

In the bill, one man and woman would be elected from each of the counties which would be representing a single constituency unit while striking out nominations in the senate and county assemblies.

However, as reported by a local paper, the Thirdway alliance  was planning to launch the Peoples Punguza Mizigo bill which would be a refined version of the now flopped bill.