KDF officer beats and injures police officers during scuffle in Lamu

A police vehicle.A police officer was on Monday arrested after threatening to shoot his love rival PHOTO COURTESY

Two police officers attached to Lamu police station on Saturday sustained injuries during a scuffle with a Kenya Defence Forces officer.

According to a statement released by police, the two officers who have been identified as Josephat Mungania and David Muriithi were on patrol along seafront area when they met with the KDF officer who has been identified as Nasir Bwana.

The officers then stopped him asking for identification and verification documents for the motorbike he was riding.

“The person then parked the motorcycle and became violent to the officers” Reads part of the statement.

The KDF officer started a fight with the officers that resulted in the two sustaining injuries.

The KDF officer who is in custody is expected to be arraigned in court on Monday.

The incident attracted members of the public who accused the police officers of harassment .

However this is not the first time members of the public in Lamu have accused the police officers in Lamu of harassment.

Lamu clerics move to have police bosses transferred

In November 2018, two people sustained gunshot injuries while 15 people were injured during a dawn brawl between police and fishermen in the area.

During the  brawl, police officers who were on patrol in the town are said to have tried arresting the fishermen who had risen early to prepare for the day’s work at around 4 am.

The young fishermen are however said to have resisted arrest arguing that they had done nothing wrong after which an altercation immediately ensued in front of the Lamu House hotel.

The officers are said to have fired at least six gunshots into the air in their bid to disperse the enraged youth.

The incident ignited protests in Lamu town with religious leaders calling for the transfer of all police bosses.