NEMA puts Mombasa Water on notice

NEMA board chair John Konchellah during the launch of Rapid results Initiative (RRI ) on Wednesday in Nairobi./ CHRISTOPHER NYAMUTA

National Environment Management Authority has put Mombasa water and Sewerage company on notice over matters in regard to upholding the authority’s environmental regulations.

Speaking on Tuesday in Nairobi during the launch of Rapid Results Initiative on effluent discharge, NEMA board chair John Konchella insisted that the company must adhere to regulations set by the authority so as to avert any form of environmental degradation.

He pointed that the coastal area must be guarded especially on environmental sector which propel the tourism sector which is the core economic activity in the region.

“From Nairobi next region is Mombasa, and we put Mombasa water and sewerage company on notice . Our inspectors are Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru to make sure this initiative is adhered to,” Konchellah said.

Konchellah said that Nairobi water and sewerage company has not been spared either thus it must adhere to the authority’s regulations within seven days or else it will face dire consequences.

The rapid results initiative, which will run for 100 days, is meant to catalyze compliance with water regulations and licences.

The scope of the initiative entails coast, North lake, South lake, Nairobi metropolis, North Eastern, Central Region North Rift and South Rift.

“NEMA inspectors will visit all facilities eligible for Effluent Discharge Licence, issuing them with improvement notices and directing them on how to apply for the licences,” he said.

“It is hoped that at the end of 100 days, every eligible operator will have been brought into regulatory regime,” he added.