16 billion shillings recovered from corrupt tendencies

DPP Noordin Haji during a past briefing.The DPP has revoked the appointment of 332 prosecutors COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: Director of Public Prosecution’s office has recovered sh.16.81 billion from corrupt tendencies.

Speaking during the Kenya Editors Guild Press Club luncheon held on Tuesday in Nairobi, DPP Noordin Haji said that the funds were recovered from April 2018 to January this year.

Haji urged the legislature and other leaders to stop interfering with war on corruption being undertaken by mandated institutions.

“The issue of parliament and leaders on investigations, I think they need to keep off and allow investigators and institutions, and authorities to do that. The problem is they politicize issues, and it becomes very murky,” Haji said.

During the event, media was urged to chip in and propel the fight against corruption by undertaking investigative pieces which will leverage the tackling of the menace.

In attendance were Transparency international executive director Samuel Kimeu, Multisectoral Initiative Against Corruption Chair Wilfred Kiboro and American Ambassador Kyle Mc Carter.