NGOs call for operationalization of PBO Act

NGO Board Coordination chair Gichira Kibara./COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: Non-governmental organisations want the Public Benefits Organisation (PBO) Act operationalized.

Speaking on Wednesday during an engagement forum in Nairobi, NGO Board Coordination chair Gichira Kibara said  PBO Act will ensure that citizens get efficient and effective services.

“NGOs/ CSOs role in development and democratization cannot be overemphasized. They continue to offer services which essentially compliment services offered by government, can be enhanced through partnership and cooperation with government ministries, departments and agencies. The PBO Act lays a strong foundation for partnership and cooperation, hence the Board’s commitment to have the Act operationalized as soon as possible,” Kibara said.

“We are reviewing the entire process including the legal, administrative and institutional arrangements to ensure it is more effective and efficient,” he addded.

This strategy agenda is to also improve government-CSO relationship.

The PBO Act was passed six years ago but is yet to be put into operation.