Mombasa shortlisted to host Desalination Congress

Mapembeni area in Mombasa County. County staff have been given until December 31st to declare their wealth./COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: Mombasa city is among four cities in the world shortlisted in the quest to host International Desalination Association congress in 2021.

 Other cities competing to host the congress are Sydney and Melbourne from Australia and Daegu in Korea.

 International desalination conference inspectors on visited Mombasa to establish its capacity to host the congress.

Mombasa County deputy governor William Kingi urged the inspectors to consider Mombasa since they are fully supporting desalination technology.

 ‘We are very confident and we have the capacity and infrastructures to host the congress, it will be very important to Africa since we have a shortage of water’ said Kingi.

Italian firm to set up Sh. 20 million desalination plant in Lamu

 Kingi said Mombasa County is in advanced talks with a private company to put up desalination plant with a capacity of 130 m3.

 He said current the supply is 50m3 while the demand is and is 200m3 to solve the water shortage.

The secretary-general Shannon McCarthy said IDA was founded 45 years ago and the bit is recognized by United Nations to provide clean drinking water to the people and also clean water for industrial use.