Mr Seed leaves EMB records after Diana Marua clashes with his fiancee

Bahati , Diana Marua , Mr Seed and Nimmo during happier times PHOTO COURTESY

After 2 successful years at Bahati owned record label, Eastlands Most Beloved (EMB) records Mr. Seed finally called it quits on Wednesday.

I have FINALLY DECIDED to go INDEPENDENT and be MY OWN ARTIST for the sole purpose of paving way for other YOUNG AND COMING ARTISTS that BAHATI has been taking in that needs more the platform,” read in part the lengthy post by Mr. Seed on Instagram.

While Mr. Seed insists that the real reason of him ditching EMB is to pave way for others,

Controversial gospel artist Ringtone who happens to be friends with the two gospel artistes has come out to claim that bad blood and jealousy between Bahati’s wife Diana Marua and Mr Seeds’s girlfriend Nimmo Gachuiri is the real reason the singer has ditched the stable.

Though we could not independently verify Ringtone’s claims, the singer claimed that the genesis of the drama was an incident where Diana Marua called police on Nimmo who wanted to conduct some business during the December 31st concert where Bahati proposed to Diana Marua.

Hey guys leo nataka kuongelea hii beef ya Bahati na Mr. Seed. Kusema ukweli nilikuwa na Mr. Seed na aliniambia  ati Bahati aliitia bibi yake maaskari kwa sababu ya show ya 31st yenye ilikuwa Thika Stadium. Na bibi ya Mr. Seed kuna biz alikuwa achape hapo alafu bibi ya Bahati akasikia wivu ndio wakamuitia maasakari. Kama ni hivyo by the way si poa. Mimi nataka tu kusema kuna kitu hamtuambii, Lakini mkituambia itakuwa poa, nimepiga number ya Bahati haingii nikipiga number ya Seed haingii,” said Ringtone in the video.

(Today I’ve decided to weigh in this beef between Bahati and Mr. Seed and to be honest Mr. Seed told me that Bahati called police on his girlfriend. Mr. Seed’s girlfriend had some business on the 31st show held at Thika and Bahati’s wife was jealous and she called the police. If that the case, it’s not cool but there is something these guys are not telling us and both their phones are not being answered)

Mr. Seed ditching EMB is a big blow to Bahati who is one of the most successful artists in the label..

Bahati has so far not come out to comment on Mr. Seeds sudden exit or confirmed allegations by Ringtone.