VIDEO: Sonko hurls insult at businessman over Kayole demolitions

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko

A recording has surfaced online of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko purportedly abusing a businessman Mike Maina. 

Maina is said to be the owner of Kayole land where several houses were demolished leaving families stranded following a court order which Sonko claims is fake.

In the 9 minute video trending on social media, an angry Sonko starts by pleasantries and introducing himself as the governor of Nairobi County.

However, Sonko seems unhappy with Maina for failing to consult him on demolition of buildings in Kayole.

Sonko is heard calling Maina useless and even threatening to ensure he is arrested for demolishing buildings with ‘fake title deed’.

Speaking to Baraka FM on phone Nairobi Director of communication Elkana Jacob confirmed that the video was of his boss which was recorded on Thursday.

Here is the VIDEO>>