15 police officers to be charged over taking bribes from Kwale motorists


Kwale, KENYA: At least 15 police officers are to be charged after they were found in possession of sh. 11,000 believed to have been extorted from motorists as bribes.  

The 15 officers were arrested after they failed to report any traffic offense arousing suspicion from senior police officers.

The officers who were on a Monday night shift at Magandia roadblock along Likoni-Lunga Lunga highway following a crackdown on unroadworthy vehicles were expected to report any cases of traffic offenses but they never did so.

According to Kwale county Administration Police commander David Kosgei, the 15 police officers attached to Kwale police station were deployed at the Magandia roadblock on Monday night but they never reported any cases.

“We managed to recover sh. 11,055 from the officers who were on duty at night after they were asked by the OCS to surrender their belongings due to failure of reporting any traffic offenses from the busy road.” he said.

Kosgei said they are investigating the incident stating that the implicated officers will be punished for committing a criminal offense of soliciting bribes from motorists.

“Punitive measures will be taken against officers taking advantage of the crackdown on traffic offenders as an avenue to receive bribes. I urge all road users to stop engaging in bribery actions,” he said.