More misery for Mombasa commuters as shortage of speed governors bites!

Matatus parked at a street in Majengo,Mombasa.the government has ruled out of compensating PSV operators in Kwale,Mombasa and Kilifi PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA: You might need to brace yourself to walk from home to work for the next few weeks, as the Country is facing  a huge shortage of digital speed governors.

Speaking to Baraka FM Matatu Welfare Association secretary Mr. Sammy Gitau said most matatus in Mombasa are out of business following the shortage of digital speed governors in the shops.

According to Gitau, a significant number of their members are  yet to resume work following police crackdown on vehicles flouting “Michuki rules”.

“The shortage of speed governors is as a result of increased demand amid reduced supply of the gadget, but we hope that they will be available soon” said Gitau.

Gitau also complained about the exorbitant price of the digital speed governors saying matatu owners are finding it difficult to purchase them.

However, the matatu boss downplayed claims from some Matatu operators that they are being harassed by police despite complying with the rules.

“We have not received official complains from the operators but I believe those whose vehicles have been impounded, I am sure they have not complied”, said Gitau.

He also cautioned all road users as we approach the December holidays to practice caution, to avoid unnecessary road accidents.