Rwandese national hacked to death in Likoni gangs clash

Police Patroling Likoni area . A victim who was hacked by suspected criminal groups who clashed in the area on Saturday has been confirmed to be a Rwandese national PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: A Rwandese national is the deceased victim who was caught in between two criminal gangs that clashed in Majengo Mapya area of Likoni on Saturday afternoon.

32-year-old Thiobal Bitunguramya succumbed to machete cut injuries before he could get to the hospital.

The attack happened after the burial of a slain suspected gang leader who police have only identified as ‘Young man ‘ who is suspected to have been the leader of the criminal gang identified as military who was stabbed in the neck on Friday.

Two killed, three injured as machete-wielding gangs clash in Likoni

Police suspect the slain gang leader was killed by members of a rival gang known as Kasa.

‘Young man’ was buried in Senti Kumi area of Likoni and no sooner had the burial ended than the two gangs numbering about 100 people started clashing with locals getting caught in between.

The gang members were armed with crude weapons namely Machetes, rungus and knives according to a statement released by police.

Six suspects aged between 25 and 54 were arrested by police who responded to quell the situation and according to the Likoni OCPD Benjamin Rotich they would be assisting police with investigations.

Heavy police presence prevailed in the Majengo Mapya area of Likoni on Saturday with most businesses remaining closed.

Business disrupted as rival gangs clash in Likoni

Human right group HAKI Africa on Sunday called on the young people in the area to desist from attacking each other.

“All those responsible for the death and injuries must be arrested and charged immediately,” HAKI Africa’s executive director Hussein Khalid said in a statement on Sunday.

In August last year, five people were hacked and business disrupted for hours after two rival gangs clashed in Timbwani area of Likoni.

The two groups christened Young thugs and Watalia clashed after a Young thugs gang member was attacked by the rival group.