Willy Paul’s song with Jamaican songstress puts him in trouble with netizens

Willy Paul in trouble over song with Cecile./COURTESY

Gospel artist Willy Paul is in trouble with the Kenyan netizens after releasing a song titled ‘sikireti’ with Jamaican songstress Cecile.

The song which was released barely 24 hours ago got backlash from Kenyans, some claiming that the ‘Sitolia’ singer has betrayed the gospel industry.

“Willy Paul,I’m not being Judgmental but this is a Shame to the Gospel World.There is NO EVEN an atom of SPIRITUALITY in your Music but Total CARNALITY…You’ve Lost Direction and you Need to Go back to your Meeting Point with GOD Otherwise you’re Deceiving yourself Bro…You forgot GOD, where HE took you from and Blessed you till Now.Where are your Humble Days of your Hitsong “Machozi”???GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU Willie…” read one of the comments on YouTube.

Most of the song’s critics claim that the artist has just repeated things he has sung in his previous songs hence saying the song content was poor.

“Ooh ? nooo what’s this?? I like the way Cecile is keeping it real with the flow and the content is ?? but willy Paul hell no ?,, give us something…” read another comment.

“Nothing inspiring about this song… It’s not gospel rather secular anthem. Ulianza kiroho sahi unamalizia kimwili but it’s never too late God’s mercies still awaits you. Go back to the original Willy Paul.. Singing true gospel which transforms lives. I pray God to restore you to the first calling. Man is to err. Forgiveness is divine,” read another comment.

Some even thought of advising him.

“This kind of hustling fame gonna cost you in future baba ???..”

Despite all the critics, there are others who think he has done a great job.

“I love the song. The song is good give them your best Meeeen and let them wonder how you do it,” said one of the fans on Instagram.

Willy Paul has in the past released several songs with other secular artists including Jamaican singer Alaine ‘I do’, Nandy ‘Njiwa’ and rapper Kaligraph Jones ‘Bora Uhai’.

Additional reporting by Stacey Karige.