How to capture her attention amidst her queue of potentials


We ladies love attention from guys that we love or maybe should I say date? Attention is a way to soften a ladies heart and makes her feel loved a factor that most men don’t know.

Men think that money is the only thing that can make a woman be with him through the worst though can’t deny that.

No lady can stand a No Money dude if you know what I mean. Lack of attention might even lead to cheating then heartbreak [one of my phobias}

Hey, men thought I should give you some tips so that you can secure the girl of your dreams; advise from a sister…

1. Make time for her. Relationships get stronger when you see each other and spend time together frequently. The chemistry between you two needs to be blazing. If you are busy, calls and visits won’t hurt.

What of far distance relationships? People got different views on the relationship: “it’s a waste of time so can’t do it”Really?

I keep on wondering why people feel insecure about the relationship. Don’t you trust your partner? The main virtue in dating.

There is always an option of calling at least once per day. Not only men also we ladies can call; the relationship is two way, not one way.

2. Show affection. I think this can go hand in hand with being romantic. We love romantic guys.

Speaking of romantic dudes, this belief that “Luo men are romantic” Ha! I think it’s true because they treat their ladies like western men.

The hugs, because of their masculine body structure, the kisses and the way they look at you OMG! You don’t want to miss this. It’s just woooow! I don’t want to raise emotions so let’s just leave that for another day.

Back to where we were:

3. Be concerned about what she likes and adjust yourself to it. For example, if she loves cooking you can help her if she loves adventure be adventures too.

Not only for men but for us too if your guy loves sports join him in watching. But also learn to respect your girl don’t let the male chauvinism take the best part of you. Thank me later.

4.Appreciate the things she doesn’t matter how small they are. We love attention and so compliments are also necessary. If I come out of the dressing room without a “you look pretty” comment I’ll get angry. The food I cooked should be accompanied by a compliment too. Take recognition of everything I do or achieve be it at home or at work. Addition to that, watch what you say. A woman’s brain does not forget easily what you said to her or done and the way you talk can define more about your character and what you are thinking about.

5. Avoid flirting with other women. Of course, this will only incite the feeling of jealousy. In the first place, why should you? I mean aren’t you content with your match?

Though I know no man wouldn’t like every lady to be head over heels for him if you dating, there is no exception just stop the flirts.

 6.Privacy.This is the most sensitive part. Why should you go through your girl’s phone?

My brother she is a lady and of course, she is not marked “taken” on her forehead.

Beautiful as she is, can she lack guys chasing after her? There will be lots of men making advances at her. Be the understanding boyfriend as long as she doesn’t flirt with them.

Men stop hacking your girlfriend’s number. If you think that that’s the way to maintain your relationship, that’s a fail. One, you have proven that you don’t trust her, second, she is not your slave that you can spy her around. Leave her to the world. Think she is mature enough to know the good and bad, the right and wrong.

7. Tell her regularly that you love her. Not only saying but showing that you mean it. There will be no difference when you tell her ten times a day and your actions are at a -0%. You can always proof it by showing her to your friends and not being ashamed of her even to the public. Go with her to friends’ meetings. This will let her know the place she is at in your life.

8. Be honest. Honesty is a virtue that I also love in a relationship. With honesty, you being open and through that, you get to know each other more. No secrets. It also makes people make decisions together and solve any difficulties for two heads are better than one head.

Men, if you follow these steps your relationships will be drama free with fewer heartbreaks. Ladies, also don’t ignore all this or maybe play hard to get. Good hard to come by so when one comes your way, grab him and put him under your armpits haha!