Tanzanian female artist denied access to building over dress code

Tanzanian popstar Vanessa Mdee ./FILE

Tanzanian female artist Vanessa Mdee was allegedly denied access into a corporate building in Tanzania for dressing ‘inappropriately’.

The Tanzanian songstress took to social media to air out her frustrations after she was allegedly denied entrance into a building because of wearing a short skirt.

“Only in Tanzania is my skirt which is at my knees too short to enter a public corporate building. This is incredible,” said the Wet singer.

Following her tweet, fans took the opportunity weigh on the matter with some saying that she dresses like she is on stage all the time.

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One tweep wrote “Ila watanzania kuna vitu vingine tuna complicate sana , haya maisha tunayafanya wenyewe kua magum , ma principle kila kona.”

(We Tanzanians complicate some things so much, making life hard, principles in every corner)

Vanessa has been nominated in the 5th Afrima awards that will be held in Ghana from the 21st -24th of this month.