Vera Sidika and Otile Brown breakup again!!

Otile and Vera Sidika during happier times PHOTO COURTESY

Socialite Vera Sidika and Singer Otile Brown have broken up weeks after their short-lived reunion in Dubai.

Well for starters Otile and Vera broke up in August after Otile accused Vera of doing suspicious things that pissed him off.

Otile later released a music video hinting that Vera had terminated his pregnancy.

However, Vera defended herself saying that she was faithful all this time.

Vera accused Otile Brown of dating him for fame and dumping her after the baby love music video.

“Then 5 days after the music video is out he says he doesn’t love me. It’s just funny. Ask oh since when says after Mauritius.O h, why didn’t he say that then? Pretend to love me, get me into the video then than say it later? If you stop loving someone you don’t get them involved at all. But nah the video had to be done” Vera revealed.

According to Vera Sidika, the cause of the breakup this time round is sh.500, 000 which Vera allegedly refused to lend Otile so that he could acquire a new car.

Apparently, Otile borrowed Vera the money a few days after their infamous Dubai reunion.

Vera claims she did not have the money back then and Otile started acting strange to a point of accusing her of trying to force him to settle down when he was not ready after she was done doing questionable deeds to become successful.

Vera further claims that Otile is a man who relies on women for financial upkeep as his Tanzanian ex-had broken up with him because she was tired of financing his lifestyle.

Otile is yet to respond to the allegations.

Though we cannot verify Vera’s claims as they have been conducting their relationship like a publicity circus, Both Vera and Sidika have since deleted each other’s photos on their timelines.

This comes after Vera’s violent Nigerian exboyfriend Yomi was allegedly jailed in Dubai