Aisha Jumwa and Dori headed for downfall,Ganze MP

Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire . photo:file

Nairobi,KENYA:Ganze member of parliament Teddy Mwambire has blasted Malindi member of parliament Aisha Jumwa and his Msambweni counterpart Suleiman Dori  for leaning towards deputy president Willam Ruto’s camp ,terming such  development as brokerage kind of politics.

In an exclusive interview with Baraka FM In Nairobi ,Mwambire said that the move by the duo will not impact on ODM’S muscles in the Coast insisting that the party is steadfast in the region.

Mwambire warned that what is transpiring currently in the Coastal political landscape is a replica of what happened in the year 2014 and ultimately the former Kilifi North member of parliament Gideon Mung’aro’s group which was allied to Jubilee was floored in the 2017 general elections.

“In the 2017 we had a large group which was headed by Hon Mun’garo than the group we see nowadays ,but they didn’t get any seat.”Mwambire said

Mwambire accused Hon Jumwa and Hon Dori on what he termed as broker kind  of politics which has not involved the coastal people,a move he says is bound to fail.

“People are making noise on their move ,but people have gone there following their needs ,in politics everyone has his/her  needs ,we have personal needs and Wananchi’s needs ,We are still insisting that we don’t want broker kind of politics ,because in the Coast those who have tried brokerage politics haven’t succeeded.”Mwambire said

He said that the initiative will succeed if at all it started from the Wananchi whom he asserts that their needs are at stake.

Jumwa and Dori had dared ODM party to take action against them ,snubbing the party’s disciplinary committee summons ,following allegations leveled against them that they were openly backing Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

The fate of Jumwa and Dori lies in  the ODM discipline committee after they insisted that they will not appear before it.