Alleged plot to grab Jumba ruins sparks protests in Mtwapa

Jumba ruins in Mtwapa where locals are alleging tycoons are attempting to grab the land PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: An alleged plot to grab the land around Jumba la Mtwana ruins sparked protests in Mtwapa Kilifi county on Thursday.

The residents went in arms against private developers who they are accusing of invading their land.

Speaking in Mtwapa on Thursday the residents said they are willing to let go of the land if only the landgrabber could prove that their titles are genuine.

“Let them tell us how they acquired their titles, If they were legally acquired, we are willing to let go, ” Fwath Said one of the residents said.

The residents who are squatters accused the developers of colluding with the government officials to grab the 127-acre piece of land claiming that the land which was once used by the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute has been subdivided by the said landgrabbers locking them out many of whom have links to the land including graves of their forefathers and plantations whereby they practiced farming.

They claimed developers had even begun constructing a wall around the land and the residents managed to get a court order blocking the construction of the wall till a case is challenging the ownership of the land is heard and determined.

However, the residents claimed that despite the existence of the court order, they have been unable to access the land as police officers have been guarding the land 24/7 with those caught in the land having been arrested and accused of robbery with violence.

The squatters also want the government to intervene and issue them with title deeds.