Kenyans to enjoy low power tariffs in a bid to boost connection


Nairobi, KENYA: Kenyans will soon enjoy low power tariffs in a move to boost the Last Mile Connectivity project.

This is according to the energy CS Charles Keter who announced the move over the weekend.

“The President will be announcing the new rates in the next one week. They’ll be cheaper than even kerosene that most people use,” Energy CS Charles Keter said at Dam Side Primary School in Bomet East on Saturday.

The Last Mile Connectivity project is an initiative by the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and implemented by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company which was aimed to ensure affordable electricity connections to households and achieving over 70% connectivity by 2017 and universal access by 2020.

The energy CS Keter maintained that the government is keen and committed to seeing the project succeeding with phase two of the Last Mile Connectivity project involving installation of transformers, extending low-voltage networks and adding 2.5 million Kenyans to the power grid.

The tariff charges for domestic consumers metered at 240 and 415 volts whose consumption does not exceed 10units is sh12.00 per unit consumed. Domestic consumers who exceed 10units and metered at 240 or 415 volts pay sh15.80 per unit consumed while for non-domestic energy charges are sh15.60 per unit consumed.

With African Development Bank financing the Last Mile Connectivity project, sh13 billion have already been spent on phase one and sh15 expected to finance phase two of the project as CS maintains that old faulty transformers will be replaced with new ones.

“We need to have all those transformers returned and replaced immediately because we want the project to continue,” said energy CS Charles Keter.