Parliament to debate rejected finance bill as Orengo urges MPs to reject 8% fuel levy


Nairobi, KENYA: The National Assembly is on Tuesday set to start debating on the rejected 2018 finance bill that is seeking to postpone the 16 percent VAT on petroleum products until 2020.

The house will, among other matters debate on President Uhuru’s reservations on the bill and his recommendation to have the fuel levy reduced to 8%.

This comes after President Uhuru reviewed and returned the bill to parliament forcing the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to call for a special sitting of the House on Tuesday and Thursday this week to discuss the matter.

However, Senate minority leader  James Orengo has urged the members of parliament to reject president Uhuru Kenyatta’s call to pass the anticipated; eight percent fuel levy.

In a media briefing at Parliamentary buildings on Monday, Orengo said that the passage of the bill by the legislators as per the call by the president is incorrect because it will compromise the legislature.

“I want to urge parliament to reject in total the reservation that the president expressed returning the bill  which was due for  his assent in  regards to  the finance bill and measures which included rejection of  the increase in  taxation of petroleum products,”Orengo said

He said that parliament represents the people as per the constitution, indicating that it is not an extension of the executive.

He pointed out that the budgeting making process and legislation relating to finance and taxation measures are solely the responsibility the National Assembly.

“The buck will stop with parliament it is not true that the president in any way can stop parliament from exercising its authority,”Orengo said

He indicated that the country should desist from borrowing without prudence to improve economic performance.