Government should reduce fee levied on broadcast materials

Journalists at a press briefing./ PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: Media practitioners have called on the government and and other stakeholders to reduce fee levied on broadcasting materials.

Speaking during an engagement workshop courtesy of media focus on Africa, in Nairobi, Chief Executive Officer of Fanaka TV Terry Anne Chebet and Jeri Kirieni of Kenya Audience Research Foundation said that the reduction will help in improving media content.

They said that lack of equipment is a challenge which has led to poor content in our local media thus impacting negatively on the local output .

They also indicated that content is a propelling factor in career enhancement.

The two urged media practitioners to embrace dynamics in technology in order to stabilize the flow of information targeted niche in the career.

In another twist, early this year, broadcasters and advertisers were compelled to invest more to increase access to their content to people with disability.

According to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), this will be in addition to the current requirement to caption content and use of sign language interpreters, that television stations have during prime time news bulletins.

The CA move was to achieve 100 per cent accessibility to broadcast content for people with disability over the next seven years.