Sh1.4B set aside to compensate farmers inconvenienced by maize saga


Nairobi,KENYA:The government has set aside 1.4 billion shillings to pay vetted and verified maize farmers that delivered their produce at National Cereals and Produce Board countrywide.

Complaints were raised over payments made to maize farmers for the 2017/18 crop seasons and there were allegations that the payment may have disadvantaged genuine farmers in preference to traders.

Addressing members of the press in Nairobi, Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, said the strategic food reserve fund (SFRF) shall disburse to the ministry of Agriculture and specifically to National Cereals and Produce Board the amount necessary to pay genuine verified farmers.

“The process of payment shall be done in a transparent and credible manner to ensure only genuine farmers are paid,” Said Wamalwa.

According to Wamalwa, preliminary estimates indicate that the total amount owed to farmers/traders is Kshs.3.5 billion but the fund available as per the budget for the financial year 2018/19 is Ksh. 1.4 billion.

Inter agency team constituted by ministries of Devolution and Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries will be involved in the verification process to ensure that only genuine farmers/persons are paid.

The following is the process by which verification and payment of farmers shall be conducted:

All maize farmers who delivered their maize to NCPB deports should visit the respective deports starting Monday 20th August 2018 to collect claim form.

That each farmer must fill a single claim form listen all deliveries that were made.

Each claim form must be duly certified by the claimants area chief and the county/sub county Agriculture officer.

The claimants must thereafter, present themselves, to the nearest NCPB deport with the original and 3 copies of the following documents attached to the duly completed and signed claim form.

This include; National identity card, Pin certificate, passport photos (notarized by the area chief), weighbridge tickets, original delivery note and any confirmation of part payment for the same delivery.