Kitui Deputy Governor’s car impounded in Mombasa, driver arrested

The vehicle belonging to Kitui Deputy Governor. It was impounded on Monday and the driver arrested in Mombasa./PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: Police in Mombasa have arrested Kitui deputy Governor Wathe Nzau’s driver, after his car was found abandoned in Mombasa.

Speaking to Baraka FM on phone, Mombasa County Commander Johnstone Ipara said that the car was impounded on Monday morning.

“Residents in the area reported to the police that the car, whose owner was unknown, had been abandoned at a local bar in Bamburi for three days,” said Ipara.

The driver Antony Mulei was later arrested and detained at Kiembeni police station after he failed to explain why he was in Mombasa with a government vehicle without the consent of County officials.

Ipara said the driver will be taken to Kitui where he will be charged with misuse of government vehicle.